Why do you need my credit card information when submitting an AutoBuy/Lottery request?

Updated 03/26/2024 10:00am CT



While submitting an AutoBuy or Lottery request on Seated, adding a credit card is a must for potential ticket purchases, and to combat scalpers. Your card only gets charged if your request is selected and tickets are secured. If not, your card remains untouched.


Ticket Requests Made Simple

Why Add a Card:

  • Potential Ticket Purchase: If your request is selected, we'll use the card you added to complete the purchase.
  • Anti-Scalper Move: Adding your card upfront helps us fight off scalpers, ensuring a fair ticketing game.

When We Charge:

Only when your request is successful and tickets are secured will your card be charged. Your card will not be charged if your request isn't selected. 

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