How does the ticket "waitlist" work?

If no tickets for an event are currently available, then the event may offer a waitlist for tickets.  

Additional tickets sometimes become available when current ticket holders can no longer attend OR the event promoter decides to release more tickets.

If additional tickets become available at any point, then we'll randomly select requests from the event's waitlist and automatically process those orders.

We'll update you about your status every two weeks.  You can leave the waitlist at any point.

The waitlist closes 2 weeks before the event - at which point you will be notified that no additional tickets will be released.

There are two ways to join a waitlist:

1) If you never submitted a request:
Go to the main event page and click the "Join Waitlist" button.  Enter your ticket preferences along with your payment information and click "Submit Request."

2) If you already submitted a request, but were not selected during the initial drawing:
Simply click the "Join Waitlist" link in your "Request Update" email. 

You'll need to re-confirm your phone number - and then click the "Join Waitlist" button in the top right.


Don't see a "Join Waitlist" link in your email?  Try the "Make Changes," "View Receipt" or "More Details" link.
Still can't find the link?  Just email us at and we'll send you the link directly!

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