How To Access the Live Stream on Seated

Step 1

First, check your email for your confirmation receipt. You will also receive confirmation via text from the number 382-63.

You will receive a reminder email and text with the same access link 15 minutes before the show. 

See below: 



Please note: This same link will give you access to your order page, where you can access the live stream as well as the archived stream when available. 


Step 2

Once you click the "ACCESS EVENT" button, you will be asked to verify your phone.

See Below:


Please note: You will need to verify your phone each time you wish to access your order page. Codes expire after 5 minutes. Don't click "verify" multiple times, as only the most recent code will remain valid. 


Step 3

Once you click "verify" and receive the code, you will be asked to input the code.

See Below:


Please note: The verification code could take up to 30 seconds to arrive. Be sure to only click "verify" once each time you wish to access your order page.


Step 4

Finally, once you have entered the 4 digit code, you will be navigated to your order page. The gray button pictured below will give you access to the Live Stream starting 15 minutes before the event begins. 

See Below: 



Here is an example of what your order page will look like once the watch page is live, and you can access the live stream:



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