How To Claim Coupon Codes on Seated

Step 1

First, be sure to use your special link in order to claim the complimentary ticket. 

You'll notice that the link will end with "?comp=free".  

See example below:


Please note: You will add your coupon code at the end of the purchase flow.


Step 2

Next, click "View Options". You will be given the chance to add merchandise to your order, if available. 

See below:


You can add any merchandise you would like to purchase or scroll to the bottom and click "Skip."

See below:



Step 3

You will then be prompted to enter your first and last names as well as your email address. 

See below:



Step 4

Next you will need to provide your phone number in order to receive a verification code.


Please note: You will need to verify your phone each time you wish to access your order page. Codes expire after 5 minutes. Please be sure not to click "verify" multiple times, as only the most recent code will remain valid. 


Step 5

Once you click "verify" and receive the code, you will be asked to input the code.

See below:


Please note: The verification code could take up to 30 seconds to arrive.


Step 6

Once you have verified your phone number, you will be prompted to enter your 6-digit coupon code.

See below:


Please note: If you've added merchandise to your order, you'll be prompted to add your credit card information after you've entered a valid coupon code, and clicked "add coupon".


Step 7

Once you have entered your coupon code, you will be taken to the last step to complete your order. 

See below:


If you have any questions on how to access the live stream once it has begun, please click here.

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