4 Digit Verification Codes

Seated texts you 4 digit verification codes to make sure we have your correct phone number. This 2 step verification process will allow you to access your order page and/or account without needing a password.


To purchase tickets, sign up for a reminder, sign up for a presale password etc., first click the link for the event you are interested in. Enter your information until you reach the phone number verification step.

*Please note! The 4 digit code is not the presale password.


1. Enter your phone number and click "verify".




2. You will soon receive a text message containing a 4 digit number. 





3. Enter the number where the screen says "verify" to sign up to receive the presale password.




To Access Seated if you are a returning fan:

To access your order page, click "view receipt" on your confirmation receipt.


You can then verify your phone number, and access your order page:


To access your artist notification page, click "Get Started" on Seated.com

This will bring you to the "Welcome back" page:Screen_Shot_2020-04-14_at_12.07.05_PM.png





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