Cancelled Show Refund Policy

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Event Status

Do I need to do anything?

How long until I hear about my refund approval?

I got an email saying my refund has been approved, what’s next?


Nope! Our team will refund all orders for any cancelled shows

30-60 days after cancellation notification is emailed

You’ll need to claim how you want to receive your refund. Learn more here.


Why do I have to wait 30-60 days to receive my refund? 

Seated works with artists and bands to sell tickets directly to fans by coordinating with event organizers to purchase and distribute the tickets. 

We have already paid most event organizers for the tickets sold on our platform.

Due to the high volume of shows that are being cancelled, it is financially imperative that we are reimbursed for your tickets by the event organizer before we approve your refund.

When a show is cancelled, we immediately invoice the event organizer so that we can be reimbursed for tickets sold. 

It can take some time for event organizers to reimburse us, which is why your refund will be approved 30-60 days after you have been informed of the cancellation.

You’ll receive an email once your refund has been approved with instructions on how to claim your refund. Learn more here.

If your original form of payment has changed since you ordered tickets, find out more here.

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