How do I claim my refund?

Updated 03/26/2024 10:00am CT



After our team reviews and approves your refund, you'll receive an email. Click "Claim Refund," log in with your phone number, and hit "Claim.". Confirm your choice, and you'll get a confirmation email upon claiming. For refund assistance, contact us with your order details.


Claiming Your Refund 

Great news – your refund is ready! Here's a quick guide on how to claim it hassle-free.

Email Confirmation:

  • Once our team approves your refund, we'll send you an email. Look for the "Claim Refund" button.

Log In:

  • Use your phone number to log in. After logging in, hit the "Claim" button.

Claim Your Refund:

  • Claim your refund (you'll get your deposit 100% back in 7-10 business days).

Confirm Your Selection:

  • Once you've made your pick, double-check everything and hit the confirmation button. 

Confirmation Email:

  • You'll get a confirmation sent straight to your email once you've successfully claimed your refund. 

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