Troubleshooting Live Streams

Waiting for the live stream to start, but it's past the start time?

You might have to refresh your browser!  You'll be sent a new 4 digit code, but will be able to gain access and the video player should refresh.


Want to watch on a bigger screen?

You can stream any Seated broadcast to your TV using Apple AirPlay, Google Chromecast, and other popular devices. 

However, for Apple AirPlay, we've found that it's best if you AirPlay from your phone instead of from your computer.  It always seems to work better from the phone :)


Maxed out your volume but it's still too quiet?

Try throwing on a pair of headphones.

Or try a browser extension like the Chrome volume booster.


Is your chat frozen or not displaying?

Click the 3 dots  in the corner of the chat and select "Pop out". Once the chat is popped out, close out of that window. Lastly, refresh the live stream and rejoin the chat. 


Miss a song or two? Watch the whole live stream again later.

The live stream archive will be available for at least 24 hours. You can gain access through the same order page. You can quickly find the link from the notification email, just click "Join Now" again.




Still need help?

Email us