Can I watch the live stream on my TV?

Watching a live stream on your TV is definitely a much better experience. 

Luckily, Seated supports the ability for you to watch your live streams on popular streaming devices like Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, and Amazon Firestick.

Some of these experiences are super easy to set up, while others, unfortunately, require a bit of extra third-party software.

We'll walk you through each one below.


Apple TV

This option is definitely the easiest and most straight forward set up. 

We've found that it works best when you AirPlay directly from your phone, rather than your computer.  Just tap the AirPlay icon on the bottom play bar and select the device you'd like to use with AirPlay. 


If you're on your computer, you can also use the AirPlay icon in the top right of your menu bar and select "Mirror Built-in Display"


Google Chromecast

This option works best from your computer or Android phone.    You'll need the Chrome browser installed.

Once you are on Seated's watch page in the Chrome browser, go to the 3 dots in the top right corner of your browser and select "Cast.."


Once you've selected "Cast..." you should then see an option to cast your entire tab to any Chromecast device that's detected on the same Wifi network.


Once you select the device, the entire tab should appear on your TV screen.  You can then choose to make the tab full screen, by tapping the expand button in the bottom right corner of the video.






*Note: Seated does not control these third-party apps.  Please download them at your own risk.

The Roku doesn't support native casting from an iPhone or computer, so you'll need to download a third-party app in order to make this work.  

We got it working using an app called Roku Cast from the iPhone App Store in conjunction with a channel app called iWebTV for the Roku.  They are both free apps, but have some paid features you may want to consider.  There were also similar apps that may work in similar ways that we haven't fully tested.

1) Download the Roku Cast app from the App Store on your phone.
2) Copy your order details link and paste it into the URL bar at the top of the app.  You'll then need to log into your order page with your phone number.


3) Once you are logged in, you should see the video playing.  You can then select the "To TV" button and you should see your Roku as an option in the menu.



4) On your TV, it will then prompt you to install an app called iWebTV


5) When you open the channel, it should prompt you to start the video on your phone again.


6) Once you select the video again, it should appear on your Roku!


The video may appear in low quality to start.  You may have to adjust the settings manually and select a higher resolution.


This app is for iPhone, but there are similar apps for both Android and desktop computers.

Amazon Firestick

We have not been able to properly test our live streams on Firestick, however, some people have reported success with third-party apps similar to the one listed above for Roku.

A quick Google search brought us to these apps mentioned in this tutorial video:

You also might be able to use the Amazon Silk web browser for Fire TV to access the stream.

If you have any success with these, please let us know!

HDMI Cable

You can also plug your computer directly into your TV using an HDMI cable.  This may require extra cables and adapters.

 How to Connect Your MacBook Air to a TV

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