How can I transfer my Will Call tickets?

Updated 03/26/2024 10:00am CT



Transfer Will Call tickets by accessing your confirmation receipt, logging into your Seated order page, selecting "Edit Ticket Holders," updating names, and saving changes. You'll receive a confirmation once the transfer is complete.


How to Transfer Will Call Tickets on Seated

  •  Access Your Confirmation Receipt:

    • Head to your confirmation receipt and click on "View Receipt." It's your starting point for the ticket transfer journey.

  • Log Into Your Seated Order Page:

    • Use your cell phone number to sign in to your Seated order page.

  • Edit Ticket Holders:

    • Once you're on your order page, click on the button that says "Edit Ticket Holders." 

  • Update the Names:

    • Edit the names of the ticket holders. 

  • Save Changes:

    • Don't forget this crucial step. After updating the names, click "Next" and then be sure to hit "Save changes." Your changes are now securely in place.

Pro tip: Keep an eye on your inbox; we'll shoot you a confirmation receipt as soon as the transfer is complete.


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