How can I resell my tickets?

If you purchased tickets on Seated and can no longer attend a show, you are welcome to gift or sell them as you please. Tickets purchased through Seated can be transferred unless otherwise specified.

Seated does not currently provide a resale service.

Here are your resale options:

Will Call Tickets

You can transfer will call tickets through your Seated order page! Please see this article for instructions on how to complete a transfer:


If you have received a digital ticket for a show, you can quickly transfer the ticket via email.

Physical Tickets

Physical tickets can be transferred via mail, or by handing them directly to the transferee. If you are unable to hand the ticket off, or mail it out yourself, we're happy to update the name and reprint the ticket. This way, the transferee can pick the ticket up from the box office on the night of the show. They will need a photo ID. We can do this up to 24 hours before the show.

Buying/Selling on a Third Party Website

We recommend always being very careful and using only trusted sources to purchase and/or sell tickets!

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