What is your refund/cancellation policy?

To read our CEO’s response to COVID-19, click here.

The health and safety of our fans is extremely important to us. 

We're continuously working with artist teams and event organizers and we will message fans via email whenever we have an update about your event.

We’ve outlined our refund policies below.

Cancelled Shows                                                                                           

Don’t worry - our team will refund 100% of your purchase for the cancelled show.

Your refund will be approved 30-60 days after we notified you of the cancellation.

Postponed Shows                                                                                          

You don’t need to take any action until the new date has been announced. 

We will notify all fans as soon as we have an update from the event organizer.

Rescheduled Shows                                                                                     

We’ll send you an email with the new date and the refund deadline, if applicable.

If you can’t make the new date, just request a refund through your order page before the deadline passes. 

Our team will review and approve refunds within 30-60 days after the refund deadline passes.


Event Status How long until I hear about my refund approval? Upon approval, how long until I actually receive the funds? Do I need to do anything?

30-60 business days after cancellation notification is emailed

10-14 business days after refund approval email is sent Nope! Our team will refund all orders for any cancelled shows.
Rescheduled 30-60 business days after the refund deadline closes, if applicable 10-14 business days after refund approval email is sent

If you can go to the show, you're all set! No action is required.

If you can't attend, yes. For details, click here.


Hang Tight! You'll need to wait until the new show is announced to submit your refund request.

10-14 business days after refund approval email is sent Nope! We'll email you as soon as we have more information.


For Example:

If you received a notification that your show was cancelled on April 1st, you can expect to be automatically refunded between April 30th and May 30th.

If you receive the "Your order has been refunded" email notification on May 15th, you can expect to see the funds returned to your card between June 1st and June 5th (excluding weekends and Memorial Day).


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